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Aryabhatt: Vedic Astronomy

Posted by dimodi on October 12, 2012 at 8:30 AM


Our curriculum teaches us that theory on planetary motion was propounded by Johannes Kepler, a German Astronomer and Mathematician. This was done as late as the 17th century AD.


But as usual, India had an answer to the same question way back in the 5th Century AD. The following Sloka from Aryabhatiyam - Kalakriyapada gives Aryabhatta's version:


The meaning of this Sloka is as follows:


"The mean planets move on their orbits and the true planets move in eccentric circles. All such planets move with their own motion, anti-clockwise from their apogees and clockwise from their perigees."


So it took around 1200 years for the Western "Civilization" to re-discover something that Aryabhatta had stated in the 5th Century! Truly Amazing.

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